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you can't have it all...

There comes the moment in every women's life that the favorite bra is about to die. The straps are barely holding up (no use there...) the cups are not pretty anymore and the beautiful color has faded in the endless circles of washing.

There comes that day that we have to face it and go to find THE new favorite one. Not just the one that does its job, but the one that makes us happy, the one that makes us feel so gorgeous and invincible. The perfect bra.

I know for myself what my perfect one looks like. A demi-bra, lace, and pretty straps. The size, well that's definitively too much information for a blog. Lets sum it up. The shape, the material and a little add-on. That's all I want.

Ok, so today is a good day for me to go on my bras hunt. Personally I love "Lejaby", I go into the store and ask if they carry "Lejaby", the sales associate looks at me puzzled, what? I am not sure, if it is my accent or what it is, but she does not get my question. I explain in detail that I am looking for a bra, the make is "Lejaby" and that I would wanted to know if they happen to carry it. She understands now, I can see that, because her eyes lit up and my hope arises... just to be shattered by a "nope, we do not carry "lessjaabay". Ok, that's ok with me, I am flexible, I ask her to let me look around. I am pausing in front of a pretty pale blue with pink lace... contemplating it. It has everything I wanted but NOT the pretty straps.... My new friend-the sales associate- approaches me to let me know that this one "looks really pretty on", I can imagine. BUT it does not have the lace on the straps that I really want, so I tell her: "Yes I can see, but I really wanted the pretty straps."

And I don't know what I did wrong but she is incredulous! She tells me loud and clear: "YOU JUST CAN NOT HAVE IT ALL! and walks away, heads up.

I am actually speechless. Do you know me? have you seen me speechless often?

I walk away and I am just hearing in my head: you can't have it all! you can't have it all!" and then the second voice in my head: OF COURSE I CAN! I am actually maybe just a bit pissed off?

At this point my mind is far away from bras, lace and pretty colors. My mind goes to the question, if we can't have it all. Do we have to give in on things that are important to us, just because its not available right here and right now? Or is it worth looking for it? Should we just settle because somebody tells us that we can't have it all?

Don't get me wrong, I am not talking about needing to have it all in a monetary way. I am talking about sometimes just little things that are important to us. Maybe its the way we want to exercise, maybe its the way we want to work, maybe its the way we would like to interact with people, maybe - maybe it's just a bras. But we really want it the way we dream of it, we want it the way that this "whatever it is" makes us happy. But we give in. We give in because maybe its easier, maybe we adapt because the way we want it may be more difficult.

We settle.

But I am convinced, if we set our heart and soul to achieve a goal and go for it, WE CAN HAVE IT ALL.

And at this point, this is just a side note> I am convinced I will find the perfect demi-cup bra in lace with pretty straps.


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