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you are - what you say, a good lunchbreak

I like going out for a nice lunch with my husband Matt and savor the time we have together and get him out of the home office for a little bit.

One of our favorite restaurants in Alpharetta is Butchers & Brew (although the name does not promise vegan food) but we can convert their bowls to wonderful vegan options.

Sometimes we just sit in silence and my ears start to wander to other tables....

I am picking up whole sentences, dialogs and sometimes just words. Last week I listened in to a small crowd of young business professionals and I could not help myself from wondering why so much of the discussion was negative talk. Talking about a colleague at work, talking about what he did wrong, what is annoying and how it impacted their performance in a negative way. By talking about all the negative attributes of that colleague they reinforced the negativity and found even more negative aspects about that guy. I imagined how they all go back to their office with this negative feeling, to work with that specific colleague.

Let us assume for a minute that this specific lunch break would have taken another turn, let us assume that this one hour of break could be used in a positive way! Assuming maybe just one person of that group would NOT have chimed in into the negative talk, and started to point out the positive things about that co-worker. Imagine that a second one of that lunch group would have agreed and maybe said "you know you are right, he is not easy to deal with, but he is really good at …" how different would the energy have become during this lunch. They could have found solutions how to empower their colleague who might have some struggles.

Your are - what you say, don't be an #@** and focus on the good and use positive words.

It may make us feel better to talk other people down, but that is only a short term satisfaction. The positive is sustainable and has an immediate positive impact. One positive interaction will lead to a positive ripple effect.


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