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like a pro... or?

I have this little “thing” on my laptop with which I can cover the camera. Often times I forget to close it. I just don't think about it.

This morning though, believe me when I am telling you I made sure, that it was closed! Why? No, it's not that I am working on my laptop still in my pyjama pants and the comfy T-Shirt or that I have not even got any mascara on my face. It's because my hair is dark green like the perfect Christmas tree. Like a friend of mine pointed out "hey everybody loves Christmas trees...!" yeah, but not on my head!

What happened you may ask. Let me tell you what happened:

A few weeks ago, I decided to own my grey hair and not to get them bleached anymore. I was going to wear my grey. I was excited about it and convinced it was a really good idea (still am by the way ;-) ).

IYesterday I am walking through a store and see in the cosmetic section a hair coloration that promises the "beautiful shiny 3-D grey tone", it promised to be shiny, glossy and just everything you ever wanted from grey hair. I was sold. I go home, all excited to cover my bleached hair ends that are growing out and enjoy a beautiful grey. I tell Matt about it and he asks: “is the color permanent” and absolutely sure and proud I answer “yep”! I am so ready and excited! I read the instructions, well kind of.... I can be a little impatient in certain cases and just want to get stuff done. So, I mix and apply, then go to work in my courtyard to get the time pass. After 30 min I go back to rinse of the "beautiful, glossy grey 3-D effect" - coloration and.... not so great! I turned blueish.... you are asking yourself now "blueish" I thought you said green? Well the story is not finished. I try to convince myself that I can pull this off and that I can look very hip in blueish... but NO, all my self-convincing does not work.

But still in good spirit I think, well then, I just need to cover it with a darker color! I really still think and know what I am doing. I put on my best beanie hat (why does it has to be a warm evening tonight, of all evenings! the one I need to wear a hat, it is like in the high 70ies?!) I go back to the store and here I am in front of 327 different colorations, I feel like everybody knows what is going on under my hat standing in front of the colorations. Well I need to suck it up, be strong 😊 and find that one perfect color that will turn my hair back to my older natural brunette me.

I am not decisive, I pick two colors. Just keeping my options open, I drive home and with all good hope go back to work. It's a mess. But hey, I am still sure that after that all will be good. I have set aside my vision of the beautiful, glossy and shiny grey and welcome the "natural" brunette. I might, again, not have read the instruction quiet perfectly. But what could go wrong? It's just color! I wait for 30 min go back and rinse and apply a good amount of conditioner. I leave the conditioner in to give some nutrients back to my hair and sit down with Matt for a finally relaxing rest of the evening. It is so peaceful and enjoyable… until the moment he looks at me with a expression of underlying slight panic in his face at the same time trying not to laugh, he says to me: Honey, your hair is turning green.

I jump up, run upstairs to the bathroom, he is not far behind me. And after rinsing out the conditioner and drying my hair, we do see the full extent… I am literally looking like a Christmas tree! Deep green and not suitable for my appearance at all. Laugh or cry? Laugh absolutely we are laughing and trying to think about a solution. I do have another coloration but my confidence in my hair coloring skills have diminished drastically over the last few hours. Matt is pointing towards his hair trimmer and I think he is ready to shave my head. Well, we had done that before and it did not look good. Just saying.

I have a secret weapon in my cell phone. I have the number of my colorist of Van Michael in Avalon. I am about to do the first smart step in this whole story… I am texting her to ask for her advice or rather to ask her the question if she can do anything. She is great. She offers me a solution in no time. And I can peacefully go to sleep. Today I am out and about with a hat until my appointment with the pro. Tillie and her professionalism were my solution and I am sure, looking back, I can only agree: If only I had taken the service of the pro instead of trying to figure it out myself…


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