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Don't be an idiot;-)

As many of you know, I am a big Krav Maga enthusiast. If you don't know what that is... It is totally worth finding it out here.

Last week I was training with a young and smart lady and we did ground work. One of the most important things we learn at Krav Maga, is not to get to the ground, but if you are on the ground, get up as fast as you can and fight, create distance and then run.

We were learning a new technique and in the final drill, one of us (working in groups of two) had to be on their back on the floor, the other one was attacking. Well, normally we defend, get up and attack. But this time we had to stay on the ground for another attack. This was kind of challenging for my partner and me because we were conditioned to get up as fast as possible. After x amount of times of forgetting to NOT get up, my partner exhales in desperation and exclaims sarcasticly:" Yeah, right! Why should I get up - I am an idiot!"

I was struck! I thought it was funny and then realized what she actually said. "WHY SHOULD I GET UP - I AM AN IDIOT! Of course, she is far away from being an idiot, quiet the contrary, she meant it in the most sarcastic way!

But can you see what that means! WHO would NOT want to get up?

We all fail and fall in our life, we all have disappointments, losses, fears and struggles. BUT there is the one most important thing: get up - don't be an idiot.

Find a way to make things work again, find a way to find peace. Find a way to make the good stuff happening again.

Life coaching can help you find that way.

During my education to become a life coach I fell in love with the Solution Focus Therapy. Its not a painful long way through clinical Psychotherapy, it is a very solution and positive minded approach to help clients find their own solutions. A short intervention in your life to let the good stuff be on the surface again.

Get up! Be the best of yourself.


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