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And here I am - life coach - sfbt therapist

My name is Pascale Buckingham, my profession: Life Coach.

And here it is, my new blog. Another blog? I would like to make you smile and share some little life tips. But first I tell you some about me...

I am from Switzerland and live in greater Atlanta since 2013. I have a husband that should get an award for loving me just the way I am and I have 2 sons (Davey 15 and Lucien 23). They bring me joy and headache, they give me the best and the worst moments in my life, sometimes they make me crazy but I always, always love them. I am a happy vegan, food lover and Krav Maga enthusiast.

I love what I do, although a year ago, I did not even know that I would become a life coach. How come? After decades of successful careers in Tourism, Logistics, Quality Management and as a Business Owner (Feng Shui consulting) for 15 years, I decided it was time to do something new. Surviving a broken back and beating cancer twice (thank you! Northside cancer care) within 3 years, changed my view of life tremendously and I just wanted to do something meaningful.

Not just surviving but thriving

Friends of mine who knew me well kept saying that I should be a life coach, yes Robyn Lee Kriel - your fault too;-). I did not even know what a life coach really does and dismissed the idea first. But after they did not give up, I looked into it and fell in love with the idea.

But life coach only based on my experience? It was just not enough and I kept searching. I came across Solution Focused Brief Therapy ( and that made so much sense! That was it! A therapy form is that focused on solutions! That was right up my alley. is a big inspiration and I can not wait to learn so much from him. Right now I am getting my knowledge widened with a seminar at the University of Wisconsin where Dr. Mark Mc Kergow is sharing his knowledge with an incomparable wittiness and intelligent humor.

Working solution focused means for you as potential client, that we will not dwell in the past and poke around in old scars.... nope! Let us focus on the present and all the possibilities and solutions ahead of you. Keep in touch. I'll listen!

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